Social Media Super Success!!!

Tons of followers!

Your content goes viral!

You are an Influencer!

People love you and can’t wait for your latest selfie or opinion!

I just recently came from vacation, shared a little about my travels and got a little more attention than usual. The vacation also revitalized me, so I find myself inspired to write more posts or do videos. To my surprise more attention doesn’t really motivate me. Every time I share something online, I only have one very specific person I dedicate my work to. In my Heart my true hope is to touch just One Person in need. Just one! Just to give hope, inspiration, advice, caring words to One fellow human brother or sister. Time doesn’t even matter, what I wrote today, may actually help someone long after I’m gone. I may even be off target in my experiences and ideas, but one thing is guaranteed, my heart is always pure and true in everything I share. There are no agendas or tricks to manipulate the exposure. I can’t begin to tell you the wellness that sharing material in this way creates for your inner life. Try it! You’ll see what I mean when a simple post that very few liked, touches someone’s heart or fixes someone’s day a few months after posted.

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