The Devil’s Greatest Weapon against You

Heard of “Think and Grow Rich”? The author, Napoleon Hill, followed that book with “Outwitting the Devil”. This book relates Napoleon Hill interviewing The Devil. I read it as part of my official mystical indoctrination in the Mystery School. The concept that always remained with me out of this book was the Devil’s reliance on “Habits” humans adopt.

I read the book more than a decade ago, but I do remember the Devil telling Hill, that once humans adopt a habit, he’ll wait and eventually taint them through it. All Habits will create inertia and cycles. Inertia will naturally develop a force (and even direction) of its own. Cycles by Polarity will have ups and downs (perceived as positives and negatives). The stronger the habit, the stronger the negative orbital force. Be slow and deliberate when ADOPTING new habits. Always revisit old habits and asses them for their benefits versus the hidden liabilities.

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