Why I Dislike: “Never Quit”

Shamanism starts from the premise that everything is in perfect harmony at all times. We are always supposed to be healthy, happy, wealthy, etc. If deviated from our intended Path then things naturally guide us back into harmony by “not working” the way we expect.

“Never Quit” already starts from a position of struggle. It implies you fighting back and not backing down (or willing to, which can make you irrational). A Shaman would ask: “Not backing down from what?” This world is not out to get you. I must admit sometimes, unevolved people are, but even then it is always a lesson.

When Mother Nature finds herself at an impasse, She will find a way around it. Walk The Path of of the Wise. Set your aims in what provides the most harmony in your life. Foresee and avoid the people, situations and things that carry toxicity. I would recommend: “Never Loose Faith!”

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