Increase your Healing Power

Actively disagreeing, criticizing and even worse, hating, will really stress your internal vibration. Humans are a Divine Creation, which by its nature manifests out of Love. Humans are also endowed with Free Will and this gives us the flexibility to think, feel and act as we choose, which is Vibration. What we perceive as negative vibration, will negatively influence anything it has a relationship with, including the thinker, feeler, doer.

What we perceive as “bad” is not the question, what matters is that your vibration be as positive as possible. For this I suggest an exercise I developed sometime ago. Take the “Devil’s Advocate” position on everything you strongly disagree with. Try to find the way to sympathize with those opposing ideologies and the people that follow them.This does not need to be permanent, just vacillate on your perspective for some time. In other words, shift your vibration. This is very inwardly healing and will reconnect you with your Divine Essence.

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