Decisions Dictate your Future

Manifestation Energy, not just looks at the Decisions you make but also, just as importantly, it pays strong attention to the Intentions behind those decisions. The decision will be apparent in the material realm, but the intentions will activate the energy required for future manifestations of positive or negative experiences.

On this same principle then, what you are dealing with today is the result of decisions made in the past at undetermined times. This is why the wisest people will deal with immediate situations, but their main focus will be in making decisions for a more harmonious future. This is specially true when dealing with human relations. It can be seen by all of us in the attitude of certain family members. Some just think of themselves and instant gratification, while others are undoubtedly constant and reliable for life.

This is one of the laws this “life process” uses for our soul’s evolution. This is also why I stress so much that we never forget that at all times we enjoy absolute “free will”. Even in a scenario where we’d be locked up and restrained, how we’d think, feel…vibrate would always be under our conscious control. This is a Universal Law that will always yield what we energetically sow.

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