It is never their fault! Blamers, will always be filled with stories that they will want to sell you. There will always be an adversary in their many stories. Adversaries for their emotional pain, financial downfall, physical discomforts, depressions, getting fired, etc.

As a Shaman, I mostly pay attention to the way a person talks to me, usually more than what they are saying. Blamers tend to have this “need” for me to believe their “story”. There is always this push and pressure to get me on their side and to dislike someone or something I’ve never heard of.

It is easy to blame, but much harder to look within accept responsibility and make to effort to improve. Working on yourself or something you’d like to build up requires time. This is why blamers will also tend to look for instant easy solutions to complex problems. Complex situations in life dealing with relationships, legalities, health, etc. compels us to change our ways. When life gets turbulent, the first place to look for a solution is always within.

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