Covid-19: As the Smoke Clears

Many of us working in the field of consciousness have stayed quiet these last few weeks. I personally did this, because my intuition told me that we all needed to go through this on our own and face our own realities within our homes. Although I have much to share, first I’d like to bring to light some facts about what Planet Earth has collectively gone through.

In my opinion the lock down was a “Consciousness Reset”. We as a race, completely halted our everyday cycles for 40 days or more, it almost sounds Biblical. We know that as we resume our active lives, we will find a different world now.

Politics, incompetence, science, economics, rights, laws, egos, agendas, etc. will all try to play a great part or own this event. To me those are but small human perspectives. I only care about Humanity’s Consciousness before and then after. A new energy has arrived, and as it manifested here on Earth, certain events needed to happen. The wise man does not preoccupy himself with the “What”, but rather the “Why”.

Here is what I can share so far:

  • As a race we sealed and discarded an old pattern of thinking. Mass deceit is over.
  • In the next couple of months, people that have a defined healthy/benevolent plans for success will be helped immensely by higher forces.
  • People or Companies engaged in activities that harm anything and/or that are not constructive, will find increasing roadblocks until they straighten up or break down.
  • There will be some political conflicts and casualties, but it will be eerily and meticulously precise and will not escalate.
  • This will be a decade of balanced happiness, growth and developments. Fast risers will not find much foundation.
  • Intelligent directions will completely obliterate selfish ones.
  • Embracing fair ideas and their people will smoothly overthrow any belief system that is based on discrimination, segregation or undervaluing.

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