As Best as You Can

As we ease back into this new post-quarantine rhythm, we’ll need to exercise some understanding towards our fellow humans. You will see some absurd attempts at getting back to what now is an obsolete behavior. Sometimes, it will be you trying to do this onto others. The most intelligent reaction is to understand that we are all trying to do the best we can with what we got. Even if all we have at that moment is selfish or destructive intentions. Those attempts now, under this new post-mass lock down energy will be fruitless.

Emotionally reacting is human, but the quick jolt to a wiser perspective will be available immediately after that. It’s healthy to blow off steam, so do so in a civilized manner, but know that overdoing it will activate other greater events (lessons) of a similar vibration.

The most fruitful attitude right now is to Move-On and Move Forward!

You’ll find that all negative people, situations and/or conditions (even companies, governments, churches, etc) will have little or no hold on you. Only you can habitually ensnare yourself back into a toxic cycle. You may not realize this the first few weeks, but as time progresses you’ll notice what I mean. Take full advantage of recreating an amazing life flow now…

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