George P. Floyd: “Mama…Mama…”

In some past-life regressions I’ve provided, people revisit their last moments of existence in another time and place, and the words: “mom”, “dad”, “mommy”, “father”, or a loved one’s name will be uttered as a last attempt of the purest part of that person desperately and hopelessly seeking help as they come to the realization that the life force is slipping away.

[In the Shamanic Tradition, we believe that intention can travel across time and space. Please join me with a little prayer and send love, peace and serenity to the precise moment George Floyd transitioned to the Light Supreme]

It is so disappointing that no one has mentioned this in the media (at least I have not seen it, so it hasn’t been mentioned enough). Any novice psychologist knows this as well. When I saw the video and heard those words, my heart jumped, I knew what George Floyd was feeling.

Those words say it all!

A 46 year old man, calling his mom for help as he knows he’s been killed. Race, training, reform, politics, unions, agendas, etc…yes, yes, yes; but it’s the purity of the Love-Bonds we create here while alive that…in the end are all that matter, all we have to hold on to and all we take.

Don’t let the anger and outrage, overshadow the significance of what really matters in the end. “mama…mama…” should be the starting point for all emotional reactions, opinions, actions, discussions and reforms. It should also make you stop for a minute and reassess how you treat your loved ones and the ones you interact with everyday.

I also created a small video in Youtube:

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2 thoughts on “George P. Floyd: “Mama…Mama…”

  1. Rosario Price-Garcia

    I only saw it on a post once that he called for his Mom, I have heard when you are crossing over sometimes passed loved ones help you cross, so when I saw it I was hoping she was there for him…so sad…..


    1. There are countless tales of war where this happens but the loved ones are still alive. I think his Mom had already transitioned so this would indicate he was helped. Keep safe Rosario, sending you tons of Light!


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