Cause/Effect and your Destiny

Is it that we are affected and thus have to discover the cause?


Something is caused because we decree the effect?

These are questions that will dictate your life. If given the proper time to reflect on them, they will also guide you into a completely new way of seeing your destiny. One of the saddest wastes of human potential, from my unique perspective, happens when someone speaks to their doctor about a life threatening health issue. The “effect” would be the health issue and yet the actual cause, of the originating cause is rarely hunted down. Without that information, the chances of “Decreeing” a desired outcome decreases exponentially. Our power to speak is not limited to communication, actually that is a secondary benefit. Speech, or vibrations emanated from one’s Free-Will into sound, creates a bridge between the internal and external worlds. Those vibrations when uttered with self assurance will command neutral/stagnant energy into directed motion. This type of speech resides within a very thin line between inner knowing and conviction. This is a state that is reached through study, practice and reflection. Luckily, in whatever moment you are in your life, you have done all three of those, so “Decreeing” your destiny is literally a few words away for you…try it now!

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