Listening to Life

One of the first concepts I teach when training Shamanic Apprentices is to re-understand the nature of Reality. Things are not as solid as they appear to be. However the energy that emanates from them is. This means that you will always “See the signs” before you experience the Reality. You will “feel” the ghost, before it can borrow from your consciousness to appear to you.

We can use this same dynamic for the Lessons life will provide to help us grow. People, places and situations will “Feel” uneasy before the real obstacle or issue appears. Animals in the wild are magnificent at demonstrating this. A bird will stop, look around and fly away if it “feels” something is not right.

Because we have the luxury of Free Will, we can become blinded by that desire to move in a direction we “want”. Very often my clients get very frustrated because they are not getting the results they want. For me, in those circumstances it is a matter of looking for the “signs” so we can understand what Life is really trying to tell us.

Here are a few things to be on the look out for:

  • Somehow always being late or delayed when trying to get to a specific place
  • Pests showing up when you go to a specific spot
  • Arguments happening in a specific location you frequent
  • Any sort of object that falls accidentally and shatters
  • Tripping on anything while being in a specific location
  • Encountering a very angry or rude person
  • Seeing the same image and/or the word describing the image more than twice
  • losing a personal object in the company of someone or in place
  • Pets getting hurt or sick in any way
  • Any mild health discomfort before or after having spent time with someone
  • A computer virus or any appliance breaking down

We project a protective energy field all around us, so when unusual events occur it can mean that an intrusive vibration is entering that field. It will start revealing itself through signs such as the ones I shared above.

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