“Opinions” in Shifting Times

In tribal societies, the shamans always lived in the outskirts of the community. This can still be observed in the less developed areas. Living in Miami, Florida, you can imagine that as a full time Shaman here, that ideal is not a possibility for me; and would not work for my clients either. I compensate by internally distancing myself from everyday mundane interactions as much as efficiently possible. I must admit though, as a worldly society we are undergoing very fast and irreversible transformations. It is exciting, but just as all transitions very unnerving as well.

As an observer, I am still in awe at the amount of people that suddenly seem to fervently belong to some “movement” that did not exist just a few months ago. From my fifth dimensional perspective, I can’t tell if those people were just introduced into this reality or if a “belief” is mass introduced into general consciousness and it is immediately adopted by a polar sector of society.

Early in my mystical training, I learned to easily sway from one belief-position to completely the opposite and back again. After some time, one learns to “float” in what the mundane would call “reality”. This results in a life free of limiting thoughts. This serves as a way to understand that Reality is rooted to the observer and that it is an external illusion. In Shamanism we learn very early that “Wisdom” is based on the personal experience of the self; not mass belief, academia, science, etc. This is what softens our material filters and allows for miracles and angelic help to fully engage with us.

It is my hope that through the many opportunities we currently have to exercise strong opinions, more of us venture into truly and honestly considering the other side’s beliefs. It is a guarantee that this would enlighten perception. It would expand the concept of what we hold as “real” and reveal that Truth resides in neither side, but actually above it.

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