Duality, Source and String Theory

Since we are in very polarized times and the predominant religious belief systems strongly subscribe to a “good versus evil” model, I figured I share a little about how a Shaman sees it currently. Although Shamanism incorporates a dualistic view of this existence, we also believe that all emanated from one source. We believe this source is Loving and infinitely wise. The rest is basic logic, for Shamans polar opposites do not mean good or bad, it just means different levels of vibrations. All with functions designated by that Loving Source. We trust in the infinite wisdom of that source.

When a situation occurs that affects someone in a negative way, a Shaman sees this as either a misunderstanding of the situation or a misplacement of some energy. This can easily happen to humans, because they are endowed with Divine Free Will. Some higher beings would say we are not evolved enough to possess such wide range of inner vibrations and thus manifestations. The prospect of wielding this power at free-will, with the matching loving wisdom, would make humans mini sources of infinite possibilities.

Pacha, is a vast and very intricate concept of the Cosmos in Andean Shamanism. One of its meanings could translate as a point in the time/space continuum linked by consciousness. For Shamans, consciousness is completely independent of time and space, actually it can freely travel through either by means of the trained imagination (which will dictate your inner vibration). This would suggest that your reality is a result of the vibration you choose to interact with. Which would mean that You reading this, in your Pacha, have already achieved becoming that Infinite Source of your possibilities in your Universe. So, relax your thinking, smile and expand in the direction you want to create…you are infinite consciousness!

For more information or to book Shamanic Services with me please email: Flavio@HealerShaman.com

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