Psychic Attacks and Your Biggest Weapons

Having a bad day? or maybe a bad week? season? life? Yes, it could be that you are under constant psychic attack, actually from a Shaman’s perspective it 100% is that. The thing is, most people don’t understand how energy works and why. Andean Cosmology believes we come to Mother Earth predominantly for two reasons, “blessings” and “lessons”. Actually lessons are also blessings, because they are there to help us increase the luminosity of our souls.

In order for life to help us become more evolved souls, we are inherently equipped with a little piece of Divinity that among a few ways, manifests as free will. You have a choice, at all times, even if physically restraint and drugged, you always elementally have a choice. Psychic attacks predominantly enter our fields of experience through habitual choice making. Keep making certain choices and you will continue reaping similar results. This is because energy latches to resonant energy. Part of the lifestyle of being a Shaman is becoming completely disoriented within one’s center from time to time. As this occurs new energies come and interact with us, but also old ones can no longer remain. It is an uncomfortable state, but ultimately rewarding.

If you feel down or attacked, you first weapon is a bright and beautiful smile. Not a cynical one, but an honest and humble one. Smile and remind yourself of sometime when everything was well. This will start disrupting the vibrations that invites unwanted manifestations. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

Your second weapon, is a calming deep breadth and a focus on your heart area. Then another deep breadth and this time you illuminate your heart with love for all and faith in future and yourself. You do this even if you don’t feel it or believe it, it’s more than enough to just have the intent. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

Third weapon, release. I really mean it that way, release yourself of what you are carrying that has already served a function and now you no longer needed, this, again, is your choice. Mentally deem that as you toss that paper into the garbage bin, or spit on the soil, or go to the bathroom, etc. the energy of this act is carrying away undesired passengers. Intend that they be taken to where they belong. Do this without emotions. This is done very logically, inwardly knowing that because you choose to do this, it will result so. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

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