Your many “You(s)” and How to Work with Them

Why do we react so crazily sometimes? Why do we do things that in retrospect were so irrational? Why do we hold resentments that keep us from being happy?

We do this because we are not alone inside ourselves. There are other aspects of our being that don’t have full access to interact in the material world and can only settle things under very specific vibrational (emotional) circumstances. For Shamans this dynamic is not limited to this lifetime; meaning unresolved issues can surface in a different life, existing as a completely different person.

Try to talk to yourself in the “We” rather than the “I”. Internally ask yourself which one of “You” is having issues or is pushing for an option that may seem questionable. You will receive an answer. You will also distinguish that it has a different thought tone, because it will feel more like an impulse than the flow of thought process.

The benefit of understanding these deeper forces of “You”, is that you can resolve issues before they create repercussions in the material world. With practice you’ll learn to access wiser and more visionary aspects of “You” that will guide you to any direction you want to go in life. There is even a “Shaman You” among you. Try it now! Take a deep breath, smile, and think of a question for you the Shaman. The impulse of the answer will come in a very unique way within hours or by the time you dream again.

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