Some Souls in Ascension, Others in Descension

After learning about the trajectory, purpose and characteristics of the human soul, my view on every individual was very definitive. I would classify people as either on their way to better themselves or inversely, in a path of self destruction. As years have gone by my judgement has widened and softened. What seemed for me a clear direction (upward or downward), very often confused me because some people would be moving in one direction on one area of their life but completely in the opposite in another. It took me some time to properly assess where these majority of souls stood as far as “ascending” or “descending”. From my Shamanic perspective so many people live for decades almost oblivious of the development of their soul to eventually just transition. All through out this time these people are tending their families and working, but there’s too little or just no active impulse to polish their Divinity or even their character at that.

I had not considered in those years that “time” is irrelevant to a soul. I had not included in the formulation of my human esoteric concepts that a soul could live one or many consecutive lifetimes in a particular level of development; making no effort to incline or decline its trajectory. Adding to this, the ascend and descend can be so slow and subtle that from an external stance, you can’t really tell. Nowadays, I consider the vast majority of people that live in, what would be considered “average” lives (no such thing by the way), in a large median where the soul’s ride through material life is passively cruising up and/or down. People experience life, and in the process make mistakes, learn, decide and choose, etc. Some results tilt their trajectory up, others down. For the human mind this can be a tedious, even torturing process, but we are considering notions that are timeless here.

For the ones that start becoming self aware and “Ascension” is ushered into their reality, the above can help cope with loved ones and fellow community members. As humans, we may be equals, but as souls, these rules are turned upside down. We are NOT equals. This material realm will react and respond in completely different ways to those in a defined ascention (and descention). Actually, one becomes part of manifestation and is no longer privy to the flexibility of being ignorant. Forces that are of immense power start becoming very present in your psyche and outcomes. At this point, as individuals something within tilts and cannot be undone. It is here where Shamanism offers so much guidance. This is an art that originates from the heart and understands the human soul and Divine Creation. If you read this far, you are not broken, crazy, irresponsible, lazy, etc. Explore Ancient Truths on your own or contact a serious master. Humanity has known about this process since the very beginning.

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