Making your Dreams Come True

One of the most beautiful foundational concepts in Andean Shamanism, is the inherent celebration of the Human’s “Free Will”. The Sacredness of possessing the capacity to “Choose”. It seems that in the modern world as we come into adulthood, we start to look up to a life where we could work little and attain as much as possible, especially compared to the ones around us. There is a collective belief that a life like this would yield happiness, security and inner peace.

Shamanic Tradition, shares that happiness, success, security and inner peace are already within us and that it all originates from the Heart. A life filled with activities (no matter what they are) as long as they originate from the Heart, will solidly produce the energy of harmony. Actions taken in balance with the environment can’t but result in health, happiness, growth, productivity, profit, etc.

The bigger question in our tradition is if you have the courage to exercise your Power and do your Work. This is why one of our tenets is “Courage”. Commonly misunderstood, the courage we refer to is not the one exercised in conflict with an external world. For us it takes a heroic attitude to look within, acknowledge our own unique gifts and decide to share that with our brothers and sisters of this world. Most of us follow a pattern within organized society and for most of us that doesn’t really allow for our unique powers to shine at their full capacity.

To make your dreams come true, first live a dreamy life. Understand that all around you just like a dream, is not as solid as it looks. Next, ignite your loving heart. This is done by communicating with everything around you lovingly. Be caring and pleasant with your environment and everything in it. If you are loving to the world, it will love you back. Finally, from this state of inner emotions, envision the world you wish to dream into reality. Make sure you imagine it with others around you smiling and at peace with you. Focus on the flow of the energy within this vision. It should be the same as the one you are presently living.

Shamanism teaches us that what you experience in this reality is but the reflection of a bigger existence rooted in the vibration of your Spirit. Your emotions will perfectly calibrate what you are constantly creating. Improve your daily emotions and they will perfectly create a dream life where you can share your unique gift/work as a Human with the ones you love around you.

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