The Catch-22 of Information Overload

Recently I had a client that was involved in a crucial project for his career and in the middle of the development process, he completely lost the motivation and vision for it. After various clinical therapists and prescribed drugs failed he came to see me as a desperate last option.

By all standards his life was in balance. Emotionally though, he felt “disconnected”, or as he put it: “drifting”. The image that kept appearing in my mind was a dirty pond with debris just lazily floating sporadically from one direction to another with no end. Symbolically, in some contexts water is related to consciousness, with the surface being what we deal with on a mundane level. After some questions about his daily routine, we discovered he’d been watching and listening to the “news” in most of his free time. On the radio on his way to work, in his podcasts during his breaks, he had email, youtube and instagram alerts that went off every few minutes, etc. The vibration (or emotional value) of this influence was very low, disorienting and useless to his happiness.

It’s a Catch-22 if you are not careful about the information around you. Information is needed for intelligent decisions, but it also helps us assess situations. If the “news” is all about how dire the situation is; this will slowly affect our emotions. Emotions are the result of our inner vibration, which attracts more conditions around us of similar vibrations. In other words paying attention to something that is constantly sharing negativity will diminish your life experience by bringing more of the same. It’s hard to realize this is happening if you are busy navigating your external life.

The solution is always within. The first step is to consciously seek silence, both external and internal. After this state is reached, next, just wait. At some point there always appears this quiet inner sense of peace with what is. This is inevitable, because deep within, you know you are not of this world. Reconnect with that information, know it, feel it and consciously acknowledge that soon your external environment will attract conditions of that higher vibration. Ohh yes and maybe stop granting access to the crazy news for a while!

2 thoughts on “The Catch-22 of Information Overload

  1. crcorso57

    Dear Shaman, What can you suggest for compound deaths? In December I lost two importfamily members and a dear friend. This same three dear family members and a friend passed. I started a new career After taking off a decade as a stay at home Mom. I’m intensively training daily to ramp up for sales calls in February. The info is animal pharmacology and is challenging as well as my passion. I’m having feelings of guilt for not being in Ohio helping my elderly parents. For not being able to maintain my Household and for not processing the losses. I have a therapist he’s ok but am looking for someone else. I have a holistic doctor as well as a regular one. I practice meditation and mindfulness in the am and at night. I’m not sleeping.
    Sincerely, Christine


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