Living…and Cell Phones

Spending up to 6 hours a day looking into a dead black object. A jail for your consciousness. Shamanism teaches us to observe our environment and the elements within it. When you see dozens of people in a crowd with their heads bowed down, staring into their palms, it looks like they are not fully living.

No wonder I get so many young clients suffering from depression and anxiety. Healthy organisms are meant to live within harmony of their environment. If you are disconnected from your surroundings, you will be alien to it and vice versa. We (Shamans) believe that everything in this world is “alive”. Furthermore, depending on circumstances: places, objects, plants and animals will even exhibit a certain degree of a personality or create a sense to our emotions. We should pay attention and understand our environment.

I am starting to suspect we may have to relearn how to really savour life with all of our senses. To re-understand a way to live rationally within our community and nature. This is of crucial importance, specially while we are in the cusp of increasing virtual living through machines, ie Metaverse. Shamanism, sees reality from a more interactive lens. Depending on what you focus your thoughts and emotions in, your reality will unfold in that direction. While interacting online you may focus on activities you enjoy, from a dynamic perspective, you are alone vibrating unto a machine. This will only yield more of being alone with a machine, just by the nature of the Law of Attraction.

A simple suggestion would be to implement three new habits: #1. Touch and smell a plant or a tree at least once a day. #2. If you find yourself in the physical presence of someone else, avoid by all means ignoring them over your phone. #3. Make special efforts into showing your love and respect to everyone and everything in your home. These simple adjustments will not just reignite harmony all around you, but, it will bring more “Real” experiences that will keep you healthy and happy!

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