Love vs. Want

So many wasted opportunities with our loved ones, just because at some collective unconscious moment we bought into the idea that: “It was Not enough”. Not enough security, not enough sex, not enough youth, not enough fitness, not enough money, etc. It’s just an idea, I can prove it right now. You reading this means you have enough to be doing what you want; right now. In Shamanism, Life is what happens as you learn. We arrive to this world and forget where we come from and also forget what we are here for. It wasn’t like this in ancient times. It’s not like this in traditional cultures that are still connected to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Mother Earth loves us and she constantly provides for us. A less mature behavior is to “Want”. Wanting is demanding, it just wants to consume and does not stop to think that more is not necessarily better and that it does not bring happiness. Improvement is better, and it can only happen in a harmonious environment. Harmony means that the whole is synchronized in combination and simultaneously. In this Reality, we are always physically surrounded by sentient beings and all is connected. All must be in harmony or all is not well at some level.

It is an impossibility to be happy when the focus is more for yourself and less for others. Mother Earth is simply not designed to accommodate that behavior here. The lack of harmony will manifest in some other factor that will directly affect you; usually something to do with lack of Love (or self love) in your life.

Enough is when everyone around you can be within a state of Dignity. Just the ones around you, especially your loved ones. No need to worry and take special efforts over others in some distant land, this is another trick our minds pull in order to avoid dealing with what’s in front of us. Just vibrating justified and loving behaviors around you is enough to harmonize your environment. This creates a domino effect where others will do the same and before long we will have Heaven on Earth!

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