News Flash of Hate

A few days ago I noticed a sense of anxiety around me. Immediately, I stopped and went within to see where this was originating. The result was a pessimistic view of the political stage in the world. Next, I asked myself why I thought this way and it was the information I had been consuming, mainly from the news. I have stopped listening to the news since and that sense of anxiety is no longer.

As I write this, I can remember the word “Hate” being repeated so many times by most newscasters. I find this incredibly questionable, almost conspiratorial. I don’t wish a life to anybody that constantly contains the vibration of hate. Can it really be that there are others that hate others all over the world constantly? Is that News? How do they even gauge that? Why do I need that information?

I do understand that there are different strong opinions and preferences within the peoples of the world. I further discern this can lead to intense emotions between individuals and groups, including one self. What I disagree with is the intrusive conclusion that the actual emotion and motive of people in a controversial position is “Hate”. This rhetoric is useless for an educated audience. I can’t but consider that there could be more subversive motives to constantly regurgitate this idea out. Whatever world view these people are selling, it’s just not the reality I am surrounded by. It’s not the world I am contributing to create.

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