The Solution to all Problems

My apprentices usually get stuck in the explanation of the way a shaman sees cause and effect. Where modern society through laws, apps, services, medicines, etc. addresses effects. Shamanism trains the mind to understand that all effects have a cause and that this in itself will become an effect for another cause.

All problems will have originated somewhere. Understanding the origin allows the mind to see possibilities hidden by previous suppositions. Any problem you face will originate from your personal experience. It has to because this is your life, dictated by your choices from moments so long ago, you can no longer remember them. To understand why that problem is there, spend a little time in looking objectively at your personality. We tend to have recurring situations in the same areas of our lives. This is no coincidence, it is effects to causes we have repeated with our choices.

We are not looking for something to change, but rather to change ourselves from within. If a situation does not affect you the same way it has before, then that energy is no longer fulfilling its purpose and thus can no longer remain in your life (field). All problems are like friends trying to tell us something. The moment your mind shifts to cooperating with this mechanism. Life and all the problems we think we may have suddenly become a conversation about improving our inner qualities.

Life is a state where we can use the time to become a better being on a moment to moment basis, fully based on our choices. Think for a minute how life would drastically change all around the planet if the sole focus was goodness and worthy causes only. Philosphers call this study: Axiology. (term first coined by Paul Lapie in 1902) Waking up everyday knowing that life may have its challenges no longer becomes a burden, but rather a purpose. An opportunity to transmute into a more evolved being.

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