Inner Alchemy and Disoriented Emotions

Imagine being able to hone in on an undesirable emotion or thought and to transform it into a success oriented force for the rest of your life. If this process was taught to all young adults, our world would be cleansed in one generation. Shamanism teaches us to do just this.

The first requirement is to be centered, this means take a moment and acknowledge, where you physically are and who you are now. Next, to stop the inner chatter and just pay attention to inner impulses. We are looking for that emotion, idea or thought that feels pressing. There may be many, but we are just focusing on one. We are literally stopping everything in our external world to pay attention to this vibration and we are being inquisitive as we do this. We are looking for its origin, purpose, intensity, duration, etc. Your intuition will kick in and other thoughts and memories will come into play, just take mental notes of these. At some moment you’ll feel very acquainted with this vibration. Probably after years, you’ve finally “stopped” and literally listened to it. This is the moment where you can dictate what happens next. You can reason with this thought process and decide on a new course of action or support to and from it. It’s a symbiosis. You literally talk to your self (whispering is fine too), addressing yourself in the plural and create a new course of action or focus. There is one condition in this part of the process, the “solution” must be compliant with the good for all law.

You are incredibly powerful and possess a universally sovereign free-will. Through your attention and intention, internal energies can be constantly redirected towards a desired outcome. This practice does require a little getting used to because it does not allow for a mechanical, repetitive life style. Actually, quite the opposite, it requires being fully present in your life at most times, but…this is a wonderful thing in itself!

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