Dealing with Misinformation

I was having a conversation with someone very dear to me and she mentioned that the array of negative news and obvious propaganda had her bogged down and feeling a sense of dread. I must admit, if not very self aware, I will also start to get affected by the blunt insults to our intelligence when I try to see the news. Everything is so polarized. I’ve tried looking very objectively at an event from two opposing networks and have gotten just as disappointed with both.

Because of my line of work, besides listening to what is being said, I also pay very close attention to how it is said, what words are repeated, which words are preferred and specially the rhythm of the overall message. In all of these parameters current information outlets fail for me. Shamanism teaches us that all environments will naturally reflect a balance within their flow. Learn to observe the flow and the true essence of an ideal, intent, rhetoric or action will triumphantly emerge. If you observe the flow with which news are pumped out, it is clear that larger structures behind the facade of the words uttered are dealing with a gigantic lack of stability.

The “fear” being sold to the masses is the reflection of what is really going on behind the scenes in upper, inner circles within previously untouchable industries. It’s happened many times before in history. It’s a subdued type of indirect threat. An “either or” scenario with “fear” as the lever.

Shamanism proposes that “Truth” is an interpretation based on your experience; and not a piece of information shared through someone else’s communication. Shamans, tend to be very fair people, so we consider what others call as “facts” with as much seriousness as scientists and politicians, respect our shamanic beliefs. Sounds about fair, right? If not, how can there possibly be a balance flow of information between people that do not wish to participate in each others experience.

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