Shamans all around You

We all get those glimmers of a connection to something bigger and more real than what we are educated to believe. For many, these experiences are welcomed in wonder and then shrugged off as they continue their pursuits in a temporal life. For others, the experience of something larger than us, breaks something within us and life can never be the same.

To question all your beliefs and to seek Truth for yourself is to be a Shaman. There is that obscure idea that shamans have a gift and that they never call themselves that word, but I sternly disagree. A shaman is an individual that honors his inner wisdom, has the courage to seek his empirical truth and to walk within harmony with Mother Earth as he heals all that he can.

In recent months (as I predicted), more and more of you have come forward to become shamanic apprentices; and this will increase. As technology continues to reach exciting peaks, humans will be attracted to explore the Ultimate Mystery…Consciousness. Shamanism offers the timeless process to safely chart and navigate worlds beyond.

Many people feel anxious, depressed or “off”, but before long, the word will spread and all of that unhappiness will be completely be eradicated as our understanding of this existence becomes perfectly harmonious with the intended way to interact with this physicality. In my opinion it’s not that the masses were lied to in order to be subdued. As a mystic I see this from a human evolutionary point of view. A river needs to flow, if obstructed it will naturally seek a new path. We don’t get stuck criticizing the path’s reasons or agendas, we just celebrate the flow. Looking forward to a bright and happier future!

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