The Magical Power of Speech

Shamanism is classified as an “Animistic” belief system. In short this means that we Shamans understand that everything in this world is vibrant with energy. We also learn to recognize and communicate with it. Across time, space and realities we very often use “gestures“, in the form of signs, offerings, ceremonies, rituals, etc.

Speech, however becomes so intertwined in the everyday lifestyle of a Shaman, that we rarely notice it. Actually, I noticed that I did that myself a few years back when I took a group to Peru for an Initiation and one of my apprentices would comment on how I constantly spoke to objects, places, insects, plants, etc. Think about it, if everything around could suddenly communicate with you, wouldn’t you want to be cordial with everyone around you and if in a new land your host would also want to be hospitable with you. I guess this is also why I take it so hard, when I see visitors disrespecting the delicate balance of a new environment.

This concept also applies to healing and our physical bodies. Shamanism sees a human being as a composite of various bodies. Each one having its own needs, purposes and even personality. When a person talks it is the directed vibration and/or intention that is being uttered. The actual sound waves of speech will carry potency and efficacy depending on how they are being spoken. Loving and comforting words to an affected body part or to an object that is being asked to heal a part of the body are literally magical. Not only are you focusing time and space with a continuous conscious intention, but you are producing a vibration (sound). Something unseen but perceived is coming out straight from your heart into this external reality. This is also why Shamanism is such a beautiful tradition, healing is truly emanated from the heart of the healer. It won’t work unless your heart is pure! Everything in this world responds to Love energy, and that is the frequency we Shamans operate in. Try it!

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