Power All Around You

In Shamanism we see the material world as a series of vibrations constantly intermingling with one another. When a Shaman overlooks a landscape (person, situation, room, etc), his brain is registering the forces that are pulling and pushing that reality into being. This is the same process we use for healing and counseling.

We also understand that this “Human” reality is based on consciousness. Time and space are secondary tools granted to humanity for that consciousness to expand, evolve and brighten. Once this fact is internalized, the Shaman can in consciousness travel across time and space to designated areas of power to acquire a desired vibration (energy) needed to heal or manifest.

This is a simple process to understand, however, the real challenge in applying it, is in unlearning of “scientific thinking”. This is because no two results can be exactly the same in Shamanic Healing or Manifestation, this is because no two people/situations vibrate the same. Shamans also work under the knowledge that all is negotiable as long as Universal Harmony is not disrupted. This means that access to great power is a given, but the crucial considerations truly stem in creating a process that will benefit all to their brightest outcome. This is guaranteed through ritual.

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