Shamanism and Politics

Hotel B, Barranco Distric, Lima Peru. Considering the influence of City Energy.

A few weeks ago I returned from a Shamanic Trip to the Magical Andes. I have only seen the headlines in Youtube since my return and have zero interest in allowing that energy to enter my personal space. There are some really juicy and appalling political stories out there, but none will enrich the quality of my life or my soul’s evolution. Shamanism is a tradition that fiercely focuses on developing your inner value and power.

Although Shamans will tend to distance themselves from very mundane locations and situations, “politics” is an idea that is addressed. We see the world as an interaction of energies and cycles. We understand that the most efficient way for a human to evolve withing this existence is to understand who/what she is and what her function is within this world. This applies just as well to larger entities, such as countries. A specific person placed in a pivotal position within government for Shamans is a temporary energy and trend. Agreeable or not, it will have its cycle and eventually dissipate.

Many influences and forces interact for a political change to occur. Most of these are not directly related to each one of us. From Shamanic perspective, political events are like a large cloud passing through a vast territory. One reaction I have observed often, is the sense of ownership that politics can stimulate in people. Things like taxes, wars, the environment, abortion, masks, vaccines, etc., are all concepts that should be reflected and acted upon individually. The direction that a larger body, such as a state or country goes in, will inform you of the energetics of such; but there are no reasons for that to affect your inner state of being.

You are fantastically powerful. Reacting to decisions that people that don’t know you have made dilutes your power. It’s simple “Ayni”, the Andean Cosmic Law of equal exchange, if they don’t know you, you can be at peace that you don’t need to know them either. Decide to live your life under your intelligent decisions and with a loving heart and I guarantee you that Life will magically take care of the rest.

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