The Sun and Consciousness

Did you know that when you look at the Sun, only You can contemplate its true nature. In the multidimensional Universe we exist, we all see the Sun and yet due to the individuality of our consciousness each one of us is actually seeing his/her own Sun. This Universe, your Universe, is the creation of your consciousness.

In Andean Shamanism, we call ourselves The Children of The Sun, and this is because our Father is always with us. We are “warmly” greeted by him in his true form instantly after the transition from this physical plane. At that moment, everything makes sense and the true reason for life is remembered. we understand that at all times we were being gifted with Light-Force from the Heavens, Life-Force from Mother Earth (Pachamama) and that both these amazing gifts were there to allow us the capacity to express out of our own free will as much Love as we were ready to radiate to others. Just like the Sun beams out his light and warmth, we literally have the same power, it is an unlimited capacity each one of us has. We truly are miraculous beings in training for unfathomable creations.

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