A Cosmogony of Simplicity

One of the exquisite characteristics of the Andean Cosmogony is its simplicity to express a tradition of wisdom, resilience, harmony and love. There are some legends of Tunupa Wiracocha (the creator god) communicating with local people and his message was/is always simple, direct and practical. Nothing had to be deciphered or discussed with others. To this day there is no need for “intermediaries” in this tradition. This belief system is so pure, loving and direct that once you get it, life and its events become part of a whole that lovingly exists to support you.

Upon the first years of my awakening, I had visited the Guatemalan Jungle to connect with a little known ancient temple there. At some point in the later afternoon I wandered off too far from the path and within a few minutes completely lost my sense of direction. With only an hour of light left and alone in a very remote area, I knew after dark my only option was to spend the night there and then figure out what to do the next morning. As that reality was sinking in, I decided to connect with the land, to greet it and do a little prayer of friendliness, respect and love. I was still concerned but within I knew that all around me was my family. Within minutes a crow landed in a branch about 10 feet ahead of me and just looked at me. It’s hard to describe, but from the way it was looking at me I knew it was saying: “What are you doing here so far off from where you belong? Want to get back to your city? Follow me…”, so I did.

I’d walk towards the crow and it would fly over to the next branch, perch and look back at me, with a look that meant “this way”. We did this for about 40 minutes, until it gave me one last…I have to share, caring look, and then flew away. Actually, I don’t remember in which direction it went, it more like just disappeared. By this time I started hearing human sounds and as I followed them ended in a small village that happened to have public transport that could take me back to the little town I was staying in.

This couldn’t have happened if I had had a mentality of “Man over Nature”. This was communion, it was my family doing what loving families do. The crow was part of the whole and after my prayer so was I. This is a lesson that I still live today in whatever environment I find myself in. Keep in mind to always lovingly and respectfully greet all around you as your loving family.

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