Polarized Arguments! …Do you really care?

Just a few months ago, I spent a couple of weeks in the Peruvian Andes with Q’ero Shamans. All through out this time I was mostly offline and especially not watching the “news”. Upon returning, most of my devices had push notifications about everything I had missed; and in that moment I took a decision which I am now consciously constantly enforcing. I decided that I really didn’t care what one branch of politics or celebrity does, says or has an opinion on. It helps me in entirely Nothing! Actually, it takes my time and feeds a reality I don’t really wish to participate in.

I took a little time and deleted all my subscriptions to sources that focused on things I really didn’t care about. After a couple of months, I am very “ignorant” about what’s going on in “that” world. My World in the mean time, has improved greatly. I spend more time listening and watching uplifting content, which contributes to me becoming a more positive person to be around and this strategically directs energy to The World that my heart is creating.

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