Alternative Thinking

You are sitting in your living room by yourself about to watch a movie and suddenly out of nowhere you hear a voice make a comment about you. It’s not scary, but it’s confusing. The voice is not exactly outside of you but you can hear it. If you were to go to a psychologist, this professional would initially suspect the beginnings of psychosis. A Shaman however will believe You and start asking certain questions to determine how and why this experience has manifested in your realm or reality.

We believe that this material existence is in part defined by a series of influences constantly permeating our perceptions. Situations like studying, falling in love, landing your first job, moving to a new city, etc. all classify as influences and counter-influences interacting with one another to produce what we call “life”.

In other words, your current “life” is the way it is because of past and current influences. Recognize the influences and you can either diminish or increase certain aspects of your life. Watching the news would make you believe that “life” is happening to you and that you barely have any control over external gigantic forces. In Shamanism we believe “life” is happening for you to observe, discern and harmonize your inner experience. Most of the “problems” you hear about in society are usually not affecting you directly, except perhaps on an emotional level. Shamanism suggests a way to look around you that will promote inner strength through understanding, forgiveness, gratefulness and optimism all this and much more based on following the example of Pachamama (Mother Nature).

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