Talking Directly to God

We are children of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Mother provides us with this physical vessel and this garden. Father provides us with consciousness. Both Father and Mother provide of themselves to create us. Every mineral that constitutes your body has been in the material realm since the beginning of time. The Divine Spark that constitutes your consciousness comes straight from and is infinitely linked to the Father. This means that you are a direct extension of God. It also means that any other human being is also a direct extension of God. We all have emanated from one Source, thus we are all One. Each of us having been granted the miracle of creating our own experience.

When you look into someone else’s eyes, this is what you are looking at. God is looking at God through two unique Divine human experiences. Consciously interacting with others with this intention activates communication with the Divine. The perfect and most loving people will start surrounding you. Much of what you will say will be filled with psychic information. Life becomes an exploration of Self, Divinity and blessings. When communicating with another person understand that there are some superficial aspects of their psychology that will be encounter first, but if you look deeper into their eyes (no need to give them a weird look please!) you will “connect” with Divinity.

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