That Meditation, What did it mean?


So, you relaxed for a few minutes and started doing your journeying. At first it felt like you were imagining all, but you kept going and pretty much after a while relaxed into the whole experience. Now, you are here in the “real” world and you are questioning what it was all about and what to do next. Sound familiar?

Just recently, I helped and journeyed someone through a set of important questions he had about his life and career. After the journey was over I was very satisfied that all his questions had been answered and yet he pondered them for a few minutes and continued his life as if nothing had been shared with him. The next day he was asking the same questions in different formats and talking about new books and systems that could help him.

Answers are always available, the reason we cannot see them is not the Universe not answering but ourselves being blocked. One of the biggest reasons is our belief system. As free-will divine beings, no one and nothing can interfere within us, so when the belief system is one of blockage, it is only us that can open it up. As a Shaman, I can do this for clients, but a request and full openness is required. Most of the time everybody says they do want to be unblocked and they are being honest, however, within they are not willing to change, the unconscious sees this as clear as day and keeps them blocked as a protection system, until they are ready.

Let me give an example. Let’s say Irene, keeps finding herself in abusive relationships. We take a 25 min journey and in it she sees a turtle following her. After further reflection, she finds a connection with the turtle, as if it is a friend trying to catch up with her. Once here in “normal” reality, she keeps the image and emotions in mind for a couple of days until she intuits that perhaps the turtle is trying to tell her that it can guide her to the proper relationships, but she needs to slow down and allow the guiding spirit to take the lead at the required pace. This may sound doable, with the exception that Irene is seeing this guy now and she “knows” he is the one, so she’s tempted to jump into a more formal relationship with him and even considering moving in with him already. Her thought is why wait when I already know he’s not abusive. This is a typical example of the belief-system blinding her of clear signs that she does not know the guy.

The signs will always be given within minutes. Most of the time they will seem challenging, but in actuality they are just very different from what we would normally do, but this is the main reason we seek a guide, to navigate us out of an area we do not want to be in. Remember, if you want thing to change, the only thing needed to change is you.

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