I can’t seem to meditate or connect lately, what’s wrong?


In my practice, I will always get this question or a variation of it. People buy a visualization cd, or read a book or just use a meditation system that suits them well and suddenly, out of the blues they can’t seem to reach “that zone”. While before they could take a journey and enjoy unimaginable adventures within or just plain go through the necessary steps in the visualization to accomplish a subconscious image of a goal…now they are clearly unable to reach that state. What is going on? The answer is simple, they have entered a new cycle. You see, we are constantly shifting cycles. Life in this existence is not linear, it is spiral, in an outwards motion. We are constantly expanding.

When you are in a conscious spiritual path, cycles are part of the process and they can be controlled, but only for a very short period of time. It’s almost as if the Universe, picks up that you finally got it and want to perfect yourself, so the classes and assignments become more intense, shifting more frequently and dramatically.

Unfortunately, because of lack of understanding about our soul’s evolution, humans usually react with an ego-based response. Meaning, they start thinking something is broken, ie. “What am I doing wrong?” or “What is wrong with ME?”  or “That CD or book doesn’t work anymore for ME”. In actuality, things are progressing, the fact that you can’t reach the inner silence, means you are dealing with new and deeper issues. Whatever journeys you were enjoying previously, they accomplished their purpose and now, new and different adventures await you.

If you have hit a slump in your meditation or altered states, the number one step to move forward is to relax and confidently understand that you just successfully finished that cycle of your evolution and you are now entering a new one. The second step is to calmly seek where the new development is needed.

Always remember, in the Universe, the only constant is “Change”, live that Truth and you’ll always be in harmony with the Universal flow.

By all means contact me for free, if you can’t seem to take off in your journeys or visualizations. There are cycles, within cycles and I can suggest times and actions where you will be more receptive. Keep Shining!

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