I just Saw Something in my Physical Reality, Was it a Sign?



For the Shaman, the “other” side is reality and this physical existence is the illusion. In the Mystery Schools, one of the first Laws learned is, “As Above so Below…”. This by the way is a Law that also applies in a physical level. For example, in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is a fact that your face will show the conditions of your organs, or a child’s behavior will exhibit signs of the condition inside the household, or in a corporation customer service will reflect the philosophy of the company, etc. But going back to the physical signs, the short a plain answer is “Yes”, anything that happens in your external world is reflecting something of equivalent energy occurring in your internal world. With some invested contemplation one can tell it is pretty much the “Law of Attraction”.

Let’s say, you walk out your door and across the street you see a dog chasing a cat, sounds irrelevant right? But, let’s reconsider that you came out at that exact intersection of time and space to witness that small surge of energy happening at a safe distance; this is the Law of Attraction in action. What could it mean? Well, here is where people get logical and analytic. I won’t waste your time giving examples of things that a logical person may think; instead just observe the energy that you witnessed, and what emotions it slightly aroused, think and remember what dogs, cats and chases may/could represent in your unique life experience. Do that for a few seconds and then let it go and continue with your everyday affairs. Later on if curiosity visits you again, ponder on what it could have meant. Two things will occur, you will either not get it at all, in which case, know/trust that another message with a similar energy signature will arrive soon. The other alternative is that you will be pretty certain of the meaning of what you witnessed, in that case write it down and implement it immediately. No matter what the perceived message, it is crucial that it be implemented immediately, this is because you are honoring the contact and you are acting on faith in your intuition, these intentions are noted on the other side and are used later on for more direct communications. This same principle can be used for dreams.

This is why many of us when we want to receive an answer for a healing or service or a simple question, we just take a walk in nature. we acknowledge the landscapes, rocks, plants, animals and any happenings. Once something attracts our attention, now we know it’s time to grasp the loving message and implement it immediately. This is also why we Shamans can be of such assistance, because as you relate your stories and what you have witnessed to us, we can tune in to your vibration and translate something that cannot be understood logically. Remember, if you have any doubts, you can always make a comment and I’ll gladly assist.

May you always be aware of the constant Loving communication emanating from The Great Mystery…

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