Ghosts and What to do if Haunted by them




Before I begin to share about this subject, it must be known that we exist in a universe of energy and consciousness, and that there are many beings within it, some with more of this energy and consciousness than others. This is why ghosts exhibit such a wide variety of  behaviors. Some act like robots in a loop, others are actually very conscious and can be interacted with.

Ghosts are people that at death did not cross over to the other side. It is important to remember that they are people…lost people. For them, once out of their physical body reality shifts, in a manner where time and space do not behave the same way. Their rational functions will also cease, making them more emotional beings. Whatever emotional situation or drama was predominant at the time of their death will be the consistent factor in their existence.

When I see reality shows on television where a film crew intentionally goes to a haunted place to taunt and provoke a ghost for the entertainment of their audience, I find it very disturbing that because of ignorance, people enjoy witnessing the actuality of a fellow person in a state of hopeless disorientation. The situation of a ghost should produce compassion at the very least.

How can you help if you find yourself with a ghost? The very first thing is to control your emotions by remembering what is really going on. If you allow your fears to propagate this energy actually sustains them and thus they will do more of what works to continue to produce it. Secondly, logically understand that you are surrounded and protected by your own field (this, in itself is a whole other subject) and nothing can penetrate it without your conscious or unconscious consent. This knowledge will automatically solidify your field, allowing you to gain control of the situation. Third, shift your emotions to compassion, righteousness, hope, love, care, etc. What you intentionally focus on feeling, doesn’t matter, as long as it is a shift from whatever emotion got you to the encounter. Fourth, once you no longer sense the presence or unease in the atmosphere, you can begin a prayer for the disincarnate. I suggest that you request your guardian angel to call on  its guardian angel and loved ones to show him to the loving light. If in this moment of inner stillness you start perceiving anything other than a loving influence, immediately go back to the first step and do it all again. A final word of caution, if you feel uneasy or scary feeling as you are meditating or while doing any other “deep” spiritual work, it is preferable to stop, since while in these states your auric field is open and intrusions can happen very easily.

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