The Divine Power of your Decisions


Recently I did a shamanic counseling session. This differs in method, instead of the client going into a deep relaxed state and journeying within, we synchronize and link up and just have a conversation about the client’s concerns, and as this is going on, I can read the aura and intuit the most probable outcomes depending on which direction the client is leaning towards. In one’s auric field, the necessary adjustments are always readable, so if for example someone is talking with me about their troubled relationship, I can read within their field if this relationship serves a purpose within their soul’s blueprint or if it is holding them back from their soul’s evolution.

This becomes tricky for the shaman and it is even trickier for the client’s spirit guides, since unlike a human the guides, by Universal Law,  cannot tell a person what to do. You see, when a person is informed of a situation in their life, the recognition of this knowledge within their field changes all of the dynamics in their possibilities. Whatever path things were going through before, now change, however, if the person does not make a decision about what direction they want to go in, a sort of gridlock develops, a pull and push of forces self establishes. From a metaphysical point of view it could be said that the forces or entities in the “Other” side engage in a tugging contest for the person’s choice. The negative aspect of this situation is that in this position a person is like a boat without a rudder  to entities that do not necessarily have the best intentions for them. This is why, crucial and life changing decisions should be avoided in times of high drama, agitated thinking or chaos. The most important decisions deserve inner stillness and silence, they require inner peace.

Once a decision is made, it is almost as if a contract is executed on the “other” side. Currents will shift and instantly conditions will start to align across time and space for the highest good of the decision maker.  Now, this last sentence may not seem logical from a physical point of view, however, from a spiritual point of view, our souls enter this Earth to learn and with inherent “free will”. If we make a decision based on fear, the Universe will comply and make sure we are led right back to the hard decision we avoided to begin with, but disguised in other circumstances. If on the other hand we make a decision based on faith and love, through the free will, automatic approval is given to our guides to help us in the path chosen.

In summary, if no decision is made, then an energetic competition for our choice begins on the “other” side and this leads to confusion and loss of focus and inner power; a common state in our society. Always, seek inner stillness and make firm decisions based on faith and an open heart and life will be guaranteed magickal and for your highest good!

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