Who’s Fault is it and Who looses?

Drawing by yours truly…

These are two questions that should always be at the very forefront of our every day interactions. Anytime your emotions are not optimal the answer is “You”. Life is about  experiencing blessings and to learning lessons. If at any time you are not aware of why you are going through an ongoing hardship, this means you are in the middle of a life lesson. You might be unaware of what this lesson is. Stop , reflect and find the lesson within the troubling issue. This will help Life get the lesson across easier and thus make the whole unwelcomed process shorter.

There are no enemies, diseases, catastrophes, accidents, etc. There are only lessons! This also takes us to the aspect of “Power” and the “Human Intention“. If someone is treated unfairly and his reaction is to blame instead of to seek the lesson, his power of intention will be aimed at the symptom, but not the disease. Instead, if anytime an unfair situation happens we focus our power and intention towards finding out why “Life” put this in our Path, the resolutions reached will end the unwanted cycle for forever (literally).

I’ll give you an example from my personal life. In the past couple of weeks I have been very unlucky in restaurants, not all of them, but enough to ruin many evenings. Waiters would forget me or my orders, meals would come cold, I’d be seated next to a wailing baby, my greek salad looked like a soup, a waiter and a bus boy almost got into a fist fight in front of my table, you get the point… Now, Shaman Flavio may write very relaxed here, but Flavio (the guy) also has feelings, gets hungry, frustrated, angry, etc. And trust me it was Flavio in these restaurants, not the shaman. At first I would blame the restaurant and continue living knowing they would loose my business, but after so many signs. I noticed, I was loosing an opportunity and that it had been my fault for not paying attention. I listened, adjusted my diet appropriately, and have had no further problems.

Shamanism is about developing your inner power. Try it right now, go to some social media site and soon enough you’ll find a baiting post that will poke at you annoyingly. Ask the questions: Who’s fault is it and who looses? Before answering, point at yourself and take the necessary actions to resolve it. In this case, maybe not wasting so much time in social media.

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