Are “Prominent” People Happy All the Time?


Recently, I attended a meeting for professionals in industries related to emotional wellness. I was introduced to what seemed like very prominent and educated professionals in the clinical psychology/psychiatry fields. As usual my initial approach to meeting these folks was to be as personable as possible, but after a few seconds their energy started becoming very apparent to me; and I didn’t like it. These are the times when as a shaman, I find my self in awkward social situations. Something inside of me wants me to either leave or help the person in front of me. All this happens while the person in front of me thinks they are just meeting a guy that works as a healer. In these situations (most of the time) I tend to hold myself back and try to be as polite as possible. I however know that a repelling energy is exuding from me and their subconscious mind picks up on it. This tends to have certain people abruptly cut the conversation and walk away from me.

I am sharing this for all you empaths and energy workers out there. Our auras are always interacting. They are beyond us in time and space. If you are a person that has a higher vibration, what I have described above is something you are very familiar with. Many of us tend to experience these abrupt gestures from others as rude and unwarranted, when in reality it is all about energy and your Light illuminating dark hidden spots in these people.

That meeting was filled with people that kept reciting their “board certifications” and sharing how fulfilled they were. To me it looked like a hidden competition of who could sell and impress to the others the most. The saddest part is that they were so unhappy and so afraid. As a shaman, I could sense their fears towards their age, competition, new developments in their fields, their failures in their personal lives as they tried to help others with those same failures, etc. How can unhappy people help you to be happy???

Even more important perhaps is the premise that life is not about being happy all the time. Life is Life, and it has all sorts of experiences and emotions that we go through, this is called being Human. I won’t get into the philosophical aspect of what life is, but I am sure, you will agree with me, that all people no matter in what walk of life will experience good, bad and ugly at some point. We experience, learn, cope, survive and eventually transition. There is no shame in accepting this, on the contrary embracing this truth, equips us to take on bigger challenges.

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