Energy of Power


There is a language in nature and in the Universe. It uses colors, proportions, angles, etc. It expresses the essence of the energy manifested. To me it is almost like the eternal question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. This is very self evident in successful multi billion companies, did they choose the logo or did the essence behind the logo’s energy choose the humans that would create the company. I suspect it is a combination of both.

As humans we have the ability to control our vibrations, we do this by choosing how and what we think about, also by adjusting the emotions towards those thoughts. Mystics study the interaction of manifestations and their symbols. This is very evident in art for example, paintings as abstract as they can be communicate a certain emotion or “feeling”. The artist does this by channeling energies. Many of them call this, being in the “zone”. Imagine, if you could constantly and consistently create a little doodle that expressed desired outcomes in your life. I am not talking about working or goal-setting, but about living in a way that expresses your desires to the Universe.

Many lifestyles already manifest these desires, saints have a very iconic behavior, many billionaires are workaholics, rock stars behave and dress a certain way, etc. These  are humans interacting with a specific type of vibration that produces certain results. People that look up to these folks emulate them, but the results are rarely the same. It is not about emulating, but about channeling the specific vibration of the results desired. Furthermore, we each have a unique vibration of our own, so it is important that we know ourselves before we decide on inviting a vibration in our lives. It is very similar to becoming a parent. The main focus as a parent should be on being physically, emotionally and mentally fit for the arrival (channeling) of the baby. Once the baby is born, it will naturally have its own personality, and life with it also becomes a process of adaptation.

Shamanism focuses on Power. We adjust to a lifestyle that increases power for healing and spiritual work. This same power can also be used for the manifestation or the realization of desired results. The ideal lifestyle of the shaman is that every action while awake is either part of a ritual or a prayer. Every moment is a communion with the Universe, which is always talking to us through symbolism.

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