The Importance of Giving



Have you ever wondered why the wealthiest people always seem to have some sort of charity? The principle is simple, money is energy and energy loves to flow; If you’d like to increase the inflow just open up the outflow. What is making your outflow clogged? Fear and thoughts of limitation. When you save for a “rainy day”, this translates to the Universe as: “Ohhh great I have money now, and yes, thank you, but I really don’t trust you that much, so in case you decide to screw me later on, I’m going to take my own precautions, thank you very much…”. The suggested alternative, is giving first and then saving for anything you would love to “spend” on later, in this course of action, you communicate to the Universe: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for blessing me, I am so grateful, I will share this feeling and gift with your other children and creations. I will make sure others know of your magnificence and generosity”

In the art of manifesting, two human ingredients are crucial, Attention and Intention. In the above paragraph we focussed on “Attention” in abundance rather than in lack. Now we will focus on “Intention”. If you are giving with the sole intention of receiving, by default and through universal law the inflow will increase, but certain secondary conditions and coincidences will happen as well to attract your attention to caring for your fellow brothers. On the other hand if your intention is focussed on “feeling” good and making others “feel” good as well, the benefits of the increased inflow will come without any secondary attachments. The intention must always be as happy, exciting, grateful and loving as possible.

Our physical world is a direct result of the vibrations our thoughts and emotions are putting out. This is why when Giving, it is crucial to be alert against hidden limiting thoughts or emotions that may have crept in our subconscious in the past. For example, you decide to donate to some charity, but then you consider how much to give and end up giving a little beyond your comfort zone. That sense of  “this may have been too much” is being put out there and it will attract those situations to your surroundings. Let’s say you don’t really trust the management of the charity; that distrust will also be attracted to you. A good way to keep away from unneeded vibrations is to give little, very often and as anonymously as possible.

Try this for a couple of weeks and when the influx begins, make sure to give this article a second browse to start the cycle again but in a larger scale. May you soon be blessed with and in generosity!

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