Curing Your Self from Within


Shamans see disease in a very different way from western society. Everything in the world is made up of vibration, including disease. A healthy person has his own unique vibration. When your vibration is in harmony with who you truly are, as a soul, all in your life should be flowing perfectly and effortlessly. The logical mind will scream in protest at this notion, my answer would be that this existence is much larger than any one human mind can grasp, so things altering the inner harmony could be past life karma, soul contracts, temporary rebalancing, etc.

In general, if you personally have a condition or symptom that you are not happy with, this in itself is a sign that you are required to adjust your vibration through your thoughts and emotions. The disease or discomfort is not the problem as western medicine might see it, instead shamans see it as a messenger or a sign.

The first shift in mentality is not to dislike the condition, but rather to thank it for informing you that your vibration needs to be adjusted. This alone will make you more positive. The next step is to understand, know, believe and have faith, that the biological body is a magnificent creation capable of self repairing itself if given the proper conditions, which are external and internal. The External ones include environment, positive company, rest, sleep, nutrition, breathing, exercise, etc. The internal one, which is more powerful, can be easily understood if related to the external ones. Inner Environment, means a mind and heart free of toxic emotions, such as hate, anger , resentment, etc. Positive company, means people that do not influence negativity into your mind or heart, even if unknowingly (which is usually the case). Inner rest, means to stop thinking about what is bothering you and how to fix it. Inner Sleep,means to daydream about being healthy and with vitality. Inner nutrition, relates to what are you allowing in to your thoughts, is it fear based or loved based for example. Inner breathing, means that your experience, thoughts and focus should be on those things that naturally bring fresh air, so instead of seeing yourself weak, see and feel yourself on a beach or forest. Inner exercises, relate to actively choosing in the present moment how you think and how you feel.

Always keep in mind the Universal Truth that we are all here to learn, to evolve, to expand and to strive closer to perfection in the limited time we are granted on this beautiful planet. When a disease or discomfort manifests, commit yourself to discovering what is the message. Do you need to slow down, do you need to exercise moderation, or perhaps you are not living enough, are you trapped in your own ideas, do you need to forgive, etc…

Try the above next time you catch the flu, if your back hurts or if you have indigestion. Not only will you heal faster but if you find yourself with the condition again it will last less and less until it no longer finds the matching vibration around you to come back.

For more “complicated” conditions, the process is the same but tends to last longer because of the believe in the thought that the condition is more complicated. There are no complications, there is only vibration.

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