LA Healer Helps You Breathe your Way to Better Skin


“For Ashley Neese, the Los Angeles–based self-care practitioner, and many yogis and Taoists before her, breath is the most effective tool for changing your physical, emotional, and mental state.”
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I thought my followers and readers could use some of the information Ms. Neese has to share. Shamanism takes breathing as a intrinsic part of the work, but its focus is not as concentrated as in other traditions. For us Shamans breathing is Life, but it is also part of the whole process of living. We observe breathing and from it we derive emotional states and conditions. In Shamanism if your life is in harmony your breathing should be perfect. Sometimes, the breath is manipulated to facilitate certain states or to concentrate on a focus but this is done for short periods of time and not usually on a daily basis; unless some ritualistic work is being energized. This is also the reason why shamans are seen chanting, dancing, emulating animals, etc. this automatically involves the breath along with other aspects of the human constitution to create a space of centered energy.

If you’d like to learn more about Shamanic Work or would like to experience this energy for yourself, contact me below:

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