Still Searching for your Purpose


There are many books written on this subject and somehow it is commonly agreed that your purpose has to do with your passion. The other even more generic idea is that your purpose is about service and devotion. Hmmm…well, then the pressure falls into looking for your passion; but doesn’t not having a purpose automatically make you passionless? Let’s explore the even more disregarding option of being devotional. Here, the idea basically is: “look! don’t be so selfish looking for something to make you happy (you are not on Earth for that), just give, give give and you’ll find inner satisfaction”. Somehow both rationales don’t make too much sense to me.

After the hundreds of people that I have had the honor to provide personal sessions to, I have a different take on Purpose. You are an amazing creation of this loving Universe. You are soul, mind, emotions and physical body. Purpose, in life is an ever evolving process. Your main “purpose” is to understand what you are and to get acquainted intimately with yourself (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically). Once this is done you are 80% there. There is a reason why the axiom, “Know thyself and you shall know the gods” was so respected in ancient Greece. By the way this process, is just a few minutes, you already know all you need to know about yourself. There is no need for long lists and lengthy self tests, those in my opinion are book fillers. All that is needed is the present and conscious self focus.

Once you have consciously looked within, now examine where you are in life. Again, you only need a few minutes, if not seconds for this. If you are looking for your purpose at this point in time, life probably has not delivered to your standards yet. It’s not that you are lost, confused, wasted time, chose the wrong career, married wrong, etc. Don’t accept that pressure, instead, shift the demand externally. Lack of purpose is not your problem, it is an inadequacy on the part of your physical surroundings.

As life ever flows, we evolve and as this happens our purposes need to grow as well. Your purpose cannot be found “out there”, because it does not exist yet. Don’t look at someone else and consider emulating them, apes do that; humans create. Your purpose is unique and it is larger than life. You feel lost? You are looking for the path that some brave person walked first and then many others followed? Change your perspective, your purpose is not about finding a path…it is about creating one!

Above, I wrote that once you know yourself 80% is solved, here’s the other 20%, just look within and take the first step, that’s it! Then look within and take another, and look within and take another, repeat, repeat, repeat…If you are looking within and you are being true to your self, it is impossible to make wrong choices, it is impossible to be lost, it is impossible to waste time. You will be 100% living your Purpose in the present. You don’t need to know where you are going at the beginning, you just need to know the next step. Even if looks like you are going in circles or nowhere at all, keep going. Don’t listen to to others, don’t listen to your fears. Trust what is in you, trust yourself, have faith in destiny. As the magic of time produces its effects, others will start trusting you too. What at some point seemed ridiculous, insane and disorganized will slowly materialize into unimaginable dreams becoming true. For many of us, The Purpose in itself is carving of a New Path based on blindly following our inner wisdom, regardless of how it looks externally.

May we all happily continue expanding our inner Universes…

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2 thoughts on “Still Searching for your Purpose

  1. Sue Lipohar

    Still searching for a purpose? Thank you so much for these words to come on this day! I hope to be able to meet you one day and afford the healing I truly believe you can help me with. I’ve been lost since 2006 when my only son/child died and my husband went on to have an affair. I used to have a purpose and totally lost it but now maybe I can can take one step forward. Thank you!


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