Con-Artist Spiritual Healer


“‘spiritual healer’ charged $200 and $500 for each victim to start the healing process after telling them they were possessed with an evil spirit and that their families were in danger.

The suspect, a Hispanic female in her late 50s to 60s, told the victims to return with very large sums of cash to continue the healing process, according to police, convincing the victims that she was not keeping their money, but only praying over it.”

Click Here for Full Article and Video

If a Spiritual Healer or Shaman EVER says something scary, he/she is either a non-trained ignorant or a con-artist.

All Initiates know that any negative emotion (or information) weakens you, so in providing a healing we will express all information that is self empowering and strengthening only. Shamans also understand that this apparent reality is the dream, so we naturally accept that nothing is a solid or as certain as what it seems to be in the material realm; thus never a reason to communicate a dire future.

You possess free will and a divine heart. As long as your heart is loving and you are choosing the right path, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand if you are filled with dark and heavy emotions and you are involved in actions that hurt others the shaman will advise you to change your ways before karma responds, but even this advise is offered and expensive rituals are never sold/coerced on to you.

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