It’s Healthy to Love and to Hate


Many people I encounter in my practice become very surprised when I share that from a mystical point of view what you love is just as important as what you hate. Also, that it is actually a very healthy symptom to hate, as long as it is used as notification mechanism and in very short term. Some ancient teachings express that we re-incarnate many times and that as this happens our body and brain are brand new, with zero baggage or content. Everything in terms of knowledge is blank, the only thing retained are the emotional programs developed in past lives. “Emotions” are “E(nergy) in Motions”, this is the energy that manifests our conditions and those supposedly unexpected events or skills that direct us towards a certain direction in life.

So, if we take the information above and think of what we love, then that e-motion is guiding us towards what in past lives has worked for us. Things, situations and type of people that have helped us. On the other hand, things, situations and type of people that we hate infer to influences that have been destructive to us in past lives. This however does not mean that we should wage war towards what we hate and try by all means chase a life full of conditions we love. This is where many spiritual traditions (in my present opinion) get it very wrong. We use love to cultivate what makes us better and we use hate to understand the areas in our soul’s development that need expansion and evolution. We don’t take things personally (ego), on the contrary, we graciously welcome an opportunity to shift to a higher level of our soul’s luminosity.

Let’s say you hate not fitting in last year’s clothes. Graciously recognize that maybe this event is telling you something about your nutritional choices. Now, let’s say you really love eating a pint of ice cream every evening and that this is what is making you gain that unhealthy weight. Common sense would immediately demand you stop doing what you love to not hate the result; but how about continue doing what you love, and instead add other habits or activities that you may grow to love in order to release the result you hate. Activities in this case such as going to the gym, walking, eating more salads, etc.

Remember, the key is the emotion [=motion or direction of the energy]. Work on expanding, not limiting yourself. Leave what you love alone, and aggressively explore new virtues within yourself to navigate out of what you hate.

One thought on “It’s Healthy to Love and to Hate

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