Is Passion really that Important?

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Short answer is: No. I was looking for an inspirational quote to post in one of my Facebook pages and there is so much reference to “passion“. Now that I think of it, many of my clients come to see me because they feel they have no passion for life, work, success, etc.

We are all very passionate right now! I can prove it very easily, take a pillow and try to smother someone and you’ll see how quickly that person gets really passionate and motivated to breathe. One of my shaman teachers shared with me that  two of the strongest forces we posses are the desire to live (survival) and the desire to channel life (sex). What we perceive as a lack of passion is just being complacent (check out its definition and it will make much more sense. Passion, is one of those states that we remember very clearly after some adventure or period of time; but are not very aware of while we are feeling them in the moment.

Why are we unhappy then? Because we are looking at external circumstances and we don’t like what we see. Next time this happens to you, remember that all of your external world is the reflection of your internal one, and that you have 100% control your internal vibration. Relax, know you are okay right now, adjust your thinking, then your emotions and the proper opportunities/conditions to achieve what you want will gradually float into your awareness.


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