Understanding your Reflection



There are many “Universal Laws”, one that has become very popular is the “Law of Attraction”. It’s principle is simple, if you visualize and feel the way you think you would with a desired object or situation, then you will vibrate at that frequency, which by attraction will bring the object or situation into your life. This premise is simple and workable, however not always reliable because there are many subconscious and unconscious thoughts thus beliefs already within us that will hamper the attraction process.

There is another approach to accessing the “Law of Attraction”, it is through “reflection”. Here’s how it works, look around you right now, just casually observe your life and the areas you’d like to improve within it. Whatever state your life is right now is a perfect reflection or the thoughts, beliefs and vibrations you are putting out. Through your reflection, you can understand what you need to shift in your daily thoughts. Here’s an example, let’s suppose you just caught the flu and you are aware that it usually lasts about four days. Well, the idea that it usually lasts four days is a thought that you are putting out. Actually, the fact that you caught the flu, is the result of a thought that manifested this reality in your life. So, through, reflection, now you know that you are putting out subconscious thoughts of flu manifestation. Now you are aware that this is a manifestation where you need to implement consciously new everyday thoughts. If your mind is not accepting what I have just written, good, it means you are normal and it also means your thoughts have solidified into a belief about catching the flu. A belief is nothing more than a long term series of thoughts fitting nicely together in your mind to create a constant manifestation in your life. It is what many of us would call facts.

If you would like to change something in your life, first look at the reflection of your thoughts through your manifested reality. Then, question the belief of why things are the way they are. Finally change the thoughts about the belief. Here’s a practical example: Say you are allergic to cats. Well there are stories of people that can command their bodies to recognize the cat dander as harmless thus eliminating the allergy. This could be the thought that could start the belief that will vibrate a manifestation of no more allergies to cats. Here’s another one, ” I am so tired”, this is a reflection of a belief that has manifested into those symptoms. First, you could “Think” that it does not have to be that way, then believe that it does not have to be that way, within a few days a shift will happen in your manifested reality. If later you find yourself getting tired again, use that reflection as an indication of your thought vibrations and adjust them again into a belief.

So a tidy conclusion of the process would be: Your reality is a reflection of your most common thoughts, don’t get frustrated with the reflection, welcome the reflection as an indicator of which thoughts need to be monitored and adjusted.

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