Be a Super Star!!!


A very long time ago, I realized that some people live out their entire lives with very erroneous ideas and beliefs. Afterwards, I also realized that these same people actually had a functional life. They had a job, a family, a pet, were accepted in their community, etc. In essence I realized that either, it was okay to be completely and absolutely wrong about some undeniable truths, or that those truths were real for me but for others, different truths applied. Once this fact is acknowledged, a magnificent freedom emerges, because your beliefs play a huge role in how you vibrate. As long as your beliefs don’t hurt anyone else, you can essentially vibrate at any rate that you choose.

If tomorrow you decide that you are secretly the healthiest, wisest and most loving person that has ever existed in the Universe, I can guarantee you’ll attitude will change. Attitude gauges vibration and that vibration will by “Law of Attraction” open Portals to more of that reality.

No one has to know, actually keeping it private will increase the energy of the belief’s vibration. I challenge you to try it for a few minutes as you interact with someone randomly. Watch how the person on front of you responds.

Shamanism is all about developing your divine power. You have free will, it literally is a choice to walk our loving Mother Earth as average people or as Super Stars. One more thing, expand your mind in believing you are the best that you can possibly be, because it is also Universal Law that all conceivable is possible. Who you conceive yourself to be is who you truly are!

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